Deb McIntosh is the very definition of a community leader.

Marisa Talarico, M.Pl.

About Deb

Deb McIntosh - A Strong Voice for Ward 9

Deb McIntosh, a Ward 9 resident for more than 20 years, has a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and achievement through her work as an accountant and community volunteer.

Deb has been the Executive Director of Rainbow Routes Association, a local not-for- profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting non-motorized routes, for the last 10 years. Under her leadership, Rainbow Routes has invested more than $3.7 million dollars in trail development and the promotion of active living throughout Greater Sudbury. This has been done in collaboration with the private sector, community groups and all levels of government.

In 2013, Deb was awarded the YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for her active participation in a wide range of volunteer activities that has earned her a reputation as a hard worker, community builder and enthusiastic supporter of Greater Sudbury.

Deb McIntosh is passionate about our community. She believes that we have many strengths and assets that we can build upon, and offers a fresh vision for the community in which we live, work, learn and play.

Deb will be responsive to the Ward 9 community and its needs, while recognizing that what is good for the city as a whole is also beneficial to the residents of Ward 9.

Our community is ready for the critical and innovative thinking that Deb McIntosh applies to each opportunity and project she encounters.

Deb is married to Ralph McIntosh, Arts Education Coordinator for the Rainbow District School Board. They have two adult children.

Deb McIntosh gets things done.

Ted Conroy LL.B


Our community. Our future.

  1. Fostering Growth in Greater Sudbury’s Economy
    • We will be a city that attracts businesses and families looking for a good place to get established and grow
    • We will focus on what we are good at to grow our economy and create new jobs
    • Municipal government will focus on getting behind great ideas that spur economic activity
    • We will leverage connections between the city’s many institutions, private business, community leaders, and other levels of government to broaden Greater Sudbury’s capacity

    Ward 9 will be part of cultivating a greater Sudbury.

  2. Smart Transportation Connects our Community
    • Roadways: The community is asking the municipality to “fix the roads.” We will re-think our road investments, and do a better job of maintaining the existing infrastructure
    • Public Transit: We will build an effective transit system which will improve access to employment opportunities, community resources, recreational activities and medical care
    • Walking and Cycling: More children will be able to walk or cycle to school or a playground; more older adults will be able to walk to shopping or a bus stop

    Ward 9 citizens will be well connected with a mix of transportation options.

  3. Water Quality: Yes, We are Living with Our Lakes
    • Water is one of our greatest resources; we will be proactive in protecting our lakes and rivers, and work with Laurentian’s Living with Lakes Centre, the Greater Sudbury Watershed Alliance and its associated groups as well as the people who live near our waterways

    Ward 9, home to 85% of the 330 lakes in the city, will set the example for protecting lakes and waterways.

  4. Fiscal Responsibility + Accountability + Transparency = Good Governance
    • We will employ fiscal responsibility and business skills at the council table to make the best use of resources and balance the city’s budget
    • We will use creative ideas to maintain appropriate levels of service
    • We will find sustainable solutions that address the maintenance and replacement of key infrastructure
    • We will have an Auditor General office that keeps the municipality accountable and fiscally transparent.
    • We will have a policy of Open Public Data to support citizens and community groups and to enhance economic opportunities
    • We will have short and long term goals supported by a four year strategic plan toward reaching those goals. Progress toward our goals will be measured annually

    Ward 9 Healthy Community Initiative funds (aka “Slush Funds”) will be spent using objective criteria that remove ward councillor influence.

Deb McIntosh is a community leader who deeply cares about protecting our city of lakes.

Dr. John Gunn, Vale Living with Lakes Centre